This Doomsday Prepper Show is Hilarious

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  1. strutyx


    37 minutter siden

    the last guy is the irl version of dwigt from the office

  2. Keenan Myers

    Keenan Myers

    Time siden

    When you think foot covers keep you from getting a virus. And not for keeping medical facilities/labs clean from your shoes.

  3. Emily Harrison

    Emily Harrison

    3 timer siden

    My grandma was on doomsday preppers! She's written books, she's obsessed lol

  4. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy

    3 timer siden

    kids is absolutely useless against some with a gun.

  5. 12345 hopa

    12345 hopa

    3 timer siden

    china : points its nukes at US Micheal : hold my throwing sticks

  6. Darius Piggott

    Darius Piggott

    4 timer siden

    there's no such thing as the wrong beat

  7. Darius Piggott

    Darius Piggott

    4 timer siden

    cody has been on fire lately

  8. Kayla Mucciolo

    Kayla Mucciolo

    4 timer siden

    Donna knew

    • yaliso gioouy

      yaliso gioouy

      3 timer siden

      hey uuuh cody uuuuh you next to edd boy makes yall also look like corpse grinder from cannibal corpse so yeah ummm that's fun... you should look into that for sure...

  9. Mary Shammas

    Mary Shammas

    5 timer siden

    I need to know where Donna is today

  10. ShonThePrawn


    5 timer siden

    “Ass as clean as a whistle”

  11. Jay Payne

    Jay Payne

    6 timer siden

    3 million people didn’t die 🤣 it was like 50k

  12. Culture Orphan

    Culture Orphan

    6 timer siden

    big ed with the hair up, gabbie hannah with the hair down

  13. Abby Owens

    Abby Owens

    7 timer siden

    I used to watch this show as a kid and omg hahaha

  14. Becca Ruggiero

    Becca Ruggiero

    7 timer siden

    cody please dont let them get to u..... ur hair literally looks incredible the longer it gets and i hate that all of these people are shaming you for NO REASON!!!! keep the locks they are incred

    • Becca Ruggiero

      Becca Ruggiero

      7 timer siden

      they are jealous because they cant grow their hair like yours

  15. shannon celeste

    shannon celeste

    7 timer siden

    9:42 Did... did she just correctly interpret a robin’s distress call via her father as... “Love is a lie”?

  16. Aneetah.B. Robert

    Aneetah.B. Robert

    7 timer siden

    Research Rabit Hole = "RRH" not "RHR"

  17. karla cooper

    karla cooper

    7 timer siden

    we need a donna 2021 update

  18. spoopymulder 07

    spoopymulder 07

    8 timer siden

    I think the second people are just training to be the worlds most incompetent serial killers...

  19. lisek chrystusek

    lisek chrystusek

    8 timer siden

    it's Donna's world and we're just living in it

  20. John Adams

    John Adams

    8 timer siden

    0:34 Research Rabbit Hole.... acronym RHR

    • John Adams

      John Adams

      8 timer siden

      2:18 that's lysol not febreze

  21. Jhon Weck

    Jhon Weck

    8 timer siden

    atleast you have a lemon



    9 timer siden

    hey uuuh cody uuuuh you next to edd boy makes yall also look like corpse grinder from cannibal corpse so yeah ummm that's fun... you should look into that for sure...

  23. Axel The bunny

    Axel The bunny

    9 timer siden

    Ok that guy with the kids is literally Dwight Shrute in real life

  24. Jacob Burrows

    Jacob Burrows

    9 timer siden

    Please tell me someone else could see a massive resemblance between that last guy and Dwight Schrute

  25. Dyl


    9 timer siden

    Research hole rabbit

  26. Kringle


    9 timer siden

    9:20 so that's what Roy has been doing since getting fired from Dunder Mifflin

  27. Cj Foust

    Cj Foust

    10 timer siden

    9:36 ......... "Yeh know that one"

  28. Leann 426

    Leann 426

    10 timer siden

    I used to be obsessed with this show, these people were crazy yet way ahead of the times.

  29. Emily Kennard

    Emily Kennard

    10 timer siden

    where u get ur shirt ugly

  30. Brandon Henson

    Brandon Henson

    10 timer siden

    maybe a throwing shotgun but not a shooting shotgun LOL!

  31. avery beutner

    avery beutner

    11 timer siden

    do u think the pandemic lady was rooting for covid to come to the U.S?

  32. Seigi_37


    11 timer siden

    An "RHR" ahh yes "Research Hole Rabbit" Also not thinking the Lysol was Febreeze hahaha

  33. Appendix Carry Bear

    Appendix Carry Bear

    11 timer siden

    Satan be like: 2:46

  34. Scott Holman

    Scott Holman

    11 timer siden

    RHR = research hole rabbit?

  35. ED


    11 timer siden

    that ending 😂😂😂

  36. Supreme_Court


    12 timer siden

    Nah, the pandemic prepper still looks ridiculous

  37. ian cork

    ian cork

    12 timer siden

    RHR + Research Rabit Hole

  38. Wisdomatic1


    12 timer siden

    You can’t hit me with that! That’s a walking stick!

  39. ChewieDevilGum


    12 timer siden

    the couple with the poison is definitely doing some Ozark shit

  40. Michael Hallyburton

    Michael Hallyburton

    12 timer siden

    "research rabbit hole - RHR", research hole rabbit

  41. C3rb3rus


    12 timer siden

    Did you not think about the possibility that they could invite someone in and later on find out they are there for wrongdoings?

  42. Anika T.

    Anika T.

    12 timer siden


  43. Jaime Contreras

    Jaime Contreras

    13 timer siden

    So no one is gonna talk about the lemon?

  44. Will Dunn

    Will Dunn

    13 timer siden

    A research rabbit hole... Cody: "RHR" research hole rabbit?

  45. DaperDerBy


    13 timer siden

    Without covid those same 3 million people would have died

  46. Sam Coatsworth

    Sam Coatsworth

    14 timer siden

    Here's the problem though, that woman who prepped for a pandemic clearly was paranoid about it so if she has a family or anything, gurantee they're gonna be kept locked up by her psycho isolation LONG after the pandemic ends.

  47. Timmy Aluko

    Timmy Aluko

    14 timer siden

    2:00 There was also the 2013 song called pandemic that predicted Covid

  48. evelyn h

    evelyn h

    14 timer siden

    I love how creative cody is by creating his own acronym conventions!! who says research rabbit hole would NEEED to be rrh

  49. evelyn h

    evelyn h

    14 timer siden

    cody lmk where these kids are now. do ur research rabbit hole aka rhr to figure this out

  50. Nikole Kelly

    Nikole Kelly

    14 timer siden

    Oh my god I think I'm the only nice fan of Cody's. Cody, if you read this, you look great, always! Always looking like a short king



    14 timer siden

    when the bird guy said those sounds bird he made with his mouth were supposed to signal danger he was actually wrong. the way birds - particularly then the Great tit which was present in the video - signal danger sounds different :'D

  52. Pvthfindxr Beats

    Pvthfindxr Beats

    15 timer siden

    i feel bad for those kids. those kids are gonna end up being the most paranoid people being exposed to that shit constantly growing up

  53. Kaiya Lynn

    Kaiya Lynn

    15 timer siden

    Last guy reminds me of Dwight

  54. courtneli


    15 timer siden

    well to be fair if you think about it what if all the ammo for guns is used up, sure you can make your own but that would take a long time, perhaps the man is teaching is kids for that scenario to use axes instead but I would say at least teach them to use a bow and arrows or sword and knife skills those all still seem more practical than a throwing axe and stick?

  55. Brain Bane

    Brain Bane

    15 timer siden

    "Oh my god this is so terrible I literally can't breathe my eyes are burning I can't wait to do this to someone". These people deserve to not survive the apocalypse.

  56. lucy K

    lucy K

    15 timer siden

    when Cody was talking about casinos a casino ad came up wtf

  57. Danny Brandon

    Danny Brandon

    15 timer siden

    i wanna know where he got his shirt

  58. cadence


    15 timer siden

    she really manifested a worldwide pandemic

  59. Mark Skywalker

    Mark Skywalker

    15 timer siden

    Research Rabbit Hole = RHR. Sounds great, well done

  60. Dillon O'Brien

    Dillon O'Brien

    15 timer siden

    Research Rabbit hole=RHR? Thought this dude went to duke or some shi

  61. maria alejandra villanueva

    maria alejandra villanueva

    15 timer siden

    The last dude gave me heavy Dwight vibes

  62. Paul Chris

    Paul Chris

    15 timer siden

    This is over the top in some ways, but no problem be will be laughing as they watch that fireball overhead like the dinosaurs did

  63. gtabro


    15 timer siden

    Technically in a world of a few billion mathematically it’s not too hard to find someone obsessed with something including a pandemic 🙂

  64. Joe Dentice

    Joe Dentice

    16 timer siden

    This show is amazing I was obsessed with it when it came out. Also Cody I think you should try a half up top bun I think itd look good. That’s what I did when I was growing it out long

  65. Travis James

    Travis James

    16 timer siden

    Cody it is fucking Lysol not Febreze

  66. Trippy Troll

    Trippy Troll

    16 timer siden

    Ducks would work to keep blacks off the property.. We hate you quackers!

  67. zul !

    zul !

    16 timer siden

    how is that not a comedy show

  68. Havok II

    Havok II

    16 timer siden

    I heard burning gays instead of burning gaze the fuck wrong with me 😂

  69. Holly Marie

    Holly Marie

    16 timer siden

    Those poor kids

  70. Warre Pieters

    Warre Pieters

    16 timer siden

    A pandemic is not so uncommon, every couple of years pandemics occur. They’re just not that dangerous and they’re not going world wide

  71. Cody


    16 timer siden

    "a shift manager at guitar center" LMAOOOO

  72. EmiMac20


    16 timer siden

    “I’ve been preparing my whole life for this moment…” -the pandemic girl, 2020 Seriously, she’s like Noah’s Ark.

  73. Matthew Dechant

    Matthew Dechant

    17 timer siden

    He looks like his girlfriend with a bun

  74. Ben Hansford

    Ben Hansford

    17 timer siden

    Haha RHR: Research Rabbit Hole

  75. Luca Thompson

    Luca Thompson

    17 timer siden

    i need a 'where are they now', mainly for the first lady

  76. k barnes

    k barnes

    17 timer siden

    Damn... Cody... my friends think you look like cat in the hat

  77. Talasio :p

    Talasio :p

    17 timer siden

    Honestly the pandemic one doesn't do much for me because a pandemic was bound to happen. It was just a question of when

  78. Scott Giebel

    Scott Giebel

    17 timer siden

    6.9k comments currently.....NICE

  79. Alannys Alvarado

    Alannys Alvarado

    17 timer siden

    Cody I love your hair :(

  80. Emma Bath AndBeyond

    Emma Bath AndBeyond

    18 timer siden

    I’m just picturing the guy with the axe in like I AM ROBOT or I AM LEGEND

  81. rayna coia

    rayna coia

    18 timer siden

    RHR = Research Hrabbit Rhole

  82. GERmoose Cinematics

    GERmoose Cinematics

    18 timer siden

    12:20 C'mon man, no Stick-ma? ;)

  83. Emma Bath AndBeyond

    Emma Bath AndBeyond

    18 timer siden

    I wonder how many people she knew were asking her for toilet paper lmfao

  84. Aino


    18 timer siden

    oh my god the last guy is Dwight

  85. shirobi


    18 timer siden

    nope a pandemic was ment to happen all along

  86. Renderr


    18 timer siden

    “Like burning gays”🤪 #cancelled

  87. glitzygrrl


    18 timer siden

    I want to know what he just broke 😆

  88. Kyler Sommer

    Kyler Sommer

    18 timer siden

    Not sure Cody knows what the word aloof means...

  89. giada grassi

    giada grassi

    18 timer siden

    I actually loooooved the bun!!! 😂😂

  90. Andrew Dean

    Andrew Dean

    18 timer siden

    RHR would be ‘Research Hole Rabbit’ 🤣

  91. Simp The Pretty

    Simp The Pretty

    18 timer siden

    An RHR (research hole rabbits)

  92. Kota Shea

    Kota Shea

    18 timer siden

    I was kinda thrown off when I heard the dude in the show said Dakota lol because it’s my name

  93. Tim Hyde

    Tim Hyde

    18 timer siden

    I'd like for the world to end, but I'm still gonna like the video.

  94. Casey E

    Casey E

    19 timer siden

    You know she couldn’t wait to tell everyone I told you so when the pandemic hit lol

  95. Shaun Smith

    Shaun Smith

    19 timer siden

    “Throw kids against the wall.” - Cody Ko, 2021

  96. lemon peel

    lemon peel

    19 timer siden

    I love how Canadians say about

  97. Joey Koch

    Joey Koch

    19 timer siden

    "Is there some sort of Stick-ma on using a walking stick as a hitting stick? " Would have been a better pun 🤣

  98. Fettz


    19 timer siden

    The guy with the throwing axe was bloodhound irl

  99. IamAnder


    19 timer siden

    "Aliens exist" *Shows article from CNN*